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Working Remotely From Whistler, BC

Working Remotely From Whistler, BC

So you want to take a week in the winter to ski and enjoy Whistler, but you have those pesky deadlines and meetings from work. What is today’s digital nomad to do?  Make it work of course!

I’ve learned over the years of visiting Whistler that there’s plenty of public areas with outlets and space to use if you are working in the village.  You’ll see road laptop warriors everywhere! I’ve listed places that can be semi empty on weekdays so you don’t have to worry about bogarting another customer’s seat during the cafe’s busy time, or worry about background noise if you need to take a call.  

I’ve also focused this list to indoor locations like cafes and lobby versus outside locations. This of course ensures we are warm when working so our devices don’t literally freeze up. I’ve tried a lot of these locations myself, and can attest to the availability of outlets, space and noise level that makes it a decent place to work.

Otherwise if you are visiting Whistler in the summer, I especially like this blog post for places to work that include parks and patios – A Whistler Workation: Working Remotely in Paradise

Tip! If you want to do a ski/working day, you can take advantage of the lockers in the base of the Carlton Lodge Hotel, or ski rental area below Garibaldi Lift Co to store any items including your laptop.  The lockers are available for all day use, and come in various sizes. Then you can ski until lunch, pick up your laptop, and work from one of the restaurants at the base of the mountain. I’m not aware of any lockers on the mountain, but since the Vail Resorts takeover, a lot of upgrades have been taking place, so maybe one day!

The library in Whistler Village is as cozy as your own living room.

Whistler Public Library

4329 Main Street
Whistler, BC, Canada
V8E 1B2


I feel libraries are an an underused gem in society, and the Whistler Village library is no different.  Just walk into the bright, airy building and you’re greeted with shelves of books and a roaring fire in the background.  Fairly inviting! Although kinda small by city library standards, there’s plenty of places to sit and work. If you need to take a call, you can use the entryway, or there are a few meeting rooms to the right of the entryway that can be booked in advance.  The library is also on my list of places to pass time in the Village if you are not skiing – No Ski, No Problem! 3 Other Activities in Whistler Village

Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain

Why not work right on the mountain! The mountains of Whistler ski area have become well equipped with WiFi in recent years so you can stay connected no matter where you are.  The local carrier, Telus is available throughout the mountain, but connection can be choppy when its busy. Additionally, be aware that the lodges are busy especially during the lunch rush, so if you need to take a conference call, plan accordingly.  

You’ll want to get there early to get a prime location to sit down, otherwise, the tables do clear out a little more after lunch. On Blackcomb the larger lodges with seating areas are Glacier Creek Lodge and Rendezvous, and on Whistler there’s the Roundhouse Lodge. Outlets are sparse in the lodges, but there are securely locked phone charging stations so you can leave your phone to charge safely.

Garibaldi Lift Company

GLC is located on the second floor of the Whistler Gondola, so the balcony area is in a prime location to look down upon the skiers descending the mountain.  I especially enjoy their outside fireplaces with a  prime location for watching your loved ones come off the mountain.  It’s also on my list of best happy hours – Cold Weather, Warm Drinks: Happy Hours in Whistler

Mallard Lounge – Fairmont Hotel

This cozy restaurant inside the Fairmont feels like a rich uncle’s living room. There are tables for traditional dining, but also couches and a fireplace for chic lounging. The big bay windows open to the chair lift area of Blackcomb, so you get a lot of natural light coming in during the day.  There are seats with outlets near them, but it can get busy during lunch.

Any Hotel Lobby

There’s no shortage of hotels in the Whistler Village, and their lobby areas can be a good place to park your seat and take advantage of free WiFi.  Some lobbies like the Hilton and the Adara also have water and coffee available. However these places can also be loud and raucous during peak check in / check out times.  Maybe a little too be hectic if you need to take a phone call or concentrate. I like the Westin’s hotel lobby for the large fireplace.

Co-Working Spaces

I really like this article by Forged that talks in depth about co working spaces in Whistler, by Forged Axe. Forged is Whistler’s only indoor axe throwing venue:

Where to Work Remotely in Whistler: A Guide to Coworking and Cafes

Working Remotely from Whistler, BC

Time Difference

  • Whistler is located in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT-7)


  • Wifi was pretty reliable in all areas of the village and on the mountain through the local carriers.  On the mountain, the carrier is Telus, and it can get choppy if its a busy day with lots of users.

Resort Facilities

  • Plenty of coffee shops, hotel lobbies and a public library to work right in the village.  The Village also has WiFi through out the public areas.
  • Lockers located at the basement of Carlton Lodge Hotel, as well as the resort ski rental area just below Garibaldi Lift Co. You can store your stuff all day with in/out privileges in lockers that come in different sizes.

Have any tips for trying to fit in a working holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Angie, thanks for including us on your list! The Space co-working is right around the corner from us and we gotta give them huge kudos for all the events they put on that help the Entrepreneur community here in Whistler.

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