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Cocktail Hopping Date Night In Capitol Hill

Cocktail Hopping Date Night in Capitol Hill

Weekends in Seattle are a welcome disruption to routine Vancouver life.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the Van City routine, but you gotta get a break sometimes. That’s why Seattle is such a tempting location.  It’s a convenient drive from Vancouver (along with Portland, of which I also have a date night agenda 😉), and has all of the tapestry and lifestyle that goes with city life, including inventive bars!

Capitol Hill is one of the best neighborhoods to go bar hopping in Seattle.    There’s plenty of watering holes to keep you busy for a night or three.  With options ranging from swanky, to chill, Cap Hill has it all!  Here’s a list of walk friendly date night locations for a unique cocktail bar hopping experience (and a dinner option too!)

Rumba has all the rum!


An introduction to Capitol Hill.

If you are starting from a hotel in downtown, Rumba is an easy uphill walk on Pike Street as you enter the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Like its name hints at, Rumba is a rum centric cocktail bar, serving cane based classics in a tropical themed atmosphere.  Made fresh from scratch classics like the Mai Tai, Daiquiri and the Zombie pair well with the tiki bar atmosphere. But what’s really impressive is the collection of rums. Categorized by country, you might even find the secret list of rums from Cuba.

Knee High Stocking

A snug speakeasy.

We almost walked by this place unknowingly as the sign announcing the entrance is small and inconspicuous.  You have to ring a doorbell to be let in, but once settled with the hostess,let the imbibing begin. I would recommend making reservations, as the space here is pretty tight, but we went without, and were lucky enough to be seated within 15 minutes.  The area is comprised of several rooms, and a downstairs lounge. Cocktails are visually and tastefully pleasing with imaginative combinations, like the Thank you for Smoking with a lit cinnamon garnish that looked like a cigar. We didn’t have a chance to try the food, but it looked deliciously Filipino inspired, from lumpias to adobo bowls.

All the liquor that ever was at Canon!


Adventurous cocktails.

On our cocktail night journey, we kept hearing the same recommendation from wait staff and bar friends alike, Canon was the place to drink.  With so many recommendations, we had to try it. However, Canon was quite popular, and requires reservations for the sparsely seated location, or else risk the stank eye from the bouncer.  We were incredibly lucky this night, as there were only 2 of us and were able to get into bar seating with a wait of one hour. Cannon does not disappoint! It boasts America’s largest spirit collection, and I don’t doubt it!  Every inch of the bar wall was crawling with liquor, with names and origins pulled from the recesses of my dreams. What can we say about the cocktails that the rave reviews have not already said? They are sophisticated, smooth, theatric, and yes, pricey.  Worth a visit for the craftsmanship of the cocktail art, because this place is at the top of their game!

Tajarin with ragu and gnocci.


Finally dinner!

I have friends who plan their entire stay in Seattle around the dinner time availability of this restaurant.  The entrance is like a playful bedroom; white curtains and warm lighting shadow the patrons in a dimly lit room.  They hand stretch their pasta, which you can see with a view into the open air kitchen. Their Italian food is specific to the Piedmont region of Italy. I’m not an Italian food expert, and definitely not going to pretend I know the significance of that.  However I can say their Tajarin is soft and buttery, with a melt in your mouth taste that lingers long after the dish is gone. You can choose to have it with or without ragu, as the pasta shines on its own. Dark, but comforting, this is a great location for dinner on a Capital Hill Cocktail Crawl.

Foreign National

Naughty nightcaps.

Fabulously full and ready to walk off your carb daze, head back downhill on Pike to Foreign National for a night cap.  You might miss this tiny entrance (what’s with Seattle bars and their tiny entrances?), but don’t miss their cocktails. The only way we were able to find the entrance, was that a doorman posted at the door beckoned us to enter.  One step in the bar and you might feel like you stepped in on someone’s small apartment party. It’s a one room bar, with couches or a bar to sit at, and a humongous disco ball to keep your eyes twinkling. Although it may seem small, the cocktails are big and bold, potent enough to finish the night, and slip into a good night’s sleep.

What are some of your favorite places to cocktail and eat at in Seattle?

Want to try it out? Here’s the Google Maps overview:

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