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Why Do I Travel?

Why Do I Travel?

I don’t think I’ve repeated enough how much I love to travel! Check out my other blog, 😉  JK.

It’s an addiction, and my husband and I seem to be hoarders of vacation.  I will seriously forego certain daily luxuries in my life if it means I’ll have more time or money to take a trip.  Occasionally I’ll feel so much like an absentee parent to my dog, that my guilt will pay for extra treats at the pet store (but we do take her on trips whenever possible!). 

When we travel, we take a journey of the mind just as much as our physical self.  Being in a new environment, and interacting with a new culture, we are forced to start to look past the cosmetic differences on the surface and start to find common grounds for communication. Besides the change of scenery, the museums, or the beaches, traveling is filled with experiences of new people. Maybe I speak another language than you, maybe you look different than me, but we both have to eat, sleep, and we all love our families.  In this we find a shared experience in human nature, and we can come together through tolerance and respect.

Sunset viewing in Santorini, Greece

The draw of traveling is just as much to appreciate your own environment as it is to experience the new environment you travel to. As traveling is an all sensory experience, I leave on a trip with an anticipation of new sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings of what’s to come.  But I often return with a joy, longing, and appreciation of the life I live and the place I live in. We are all humans, experiencing this small blue planet with a different awareness of our surroundings. We bring to a place our different backgrounds, point of views, our different likes, and dislikes.  We take off with different expectations, and different ambitions. But one thing is for sure, that we all come back from the journey, different. Maybe more relaxed, and a little more tan, or maybe we learn about a new favorite food, and hear a different story.

Besides the practical reasons of being able to take a vacation from work, traveling offers a change to broaden your frame of reference in the world. Different reasons to travel include getting to a warmer destination, traveling to visit family if they are living far away. Traveling to experience different foods, or traveling to see a historical site.   

Approaching dusk in Hvar, Croatia

The experience of a warm vivacious people makes me understand people are the same, no matter how different they might initially appear to be.  Traveling lets me take break. Whether it be from work, hard times at home, or the weather, traveling allows me a way out, no matter how brief of a break I might need.

Personally, for me, travel is a necessity.  I might be happy to return from a long vacation, but I find myself planning my next adventure not a week or more later. Blogging strengthens one of my favorite hobbies; the art of storytelling.  Being able to write and share my own experiences, in hope it inspires, or helps the next generation of adventurers is a joy. By exploring and writing, I hope to share the experience and mold it into a story about the shared experiences of life that bring human beings together.

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