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Hello! I’m Angie and I love to travel, and I’ve always loved to travel, mainly because I love learning.  We learn by experiences, and the experience of traveling is an all sensory experience.  I love those serendipitous moments when you’re with friends, in another country, and you have a unique experience you can build a story around.  I love the idea of getting away and chasing the moments in life that are different, and inspiring others to do the same. 

This love of travel stems from my youth growing up in a military family.  For us, moving was a way of life, and each assignment brought new opportunities to explore.  Mind you, this was in the days before the internet was largely used (gasp!) and our only guide was literally, the Lonely Planet guide.  Our family prepared for any culture shock of a new country, by exploring the local markets, taking in the sights, and roaming and wandering the new neighborhoods.   Through exploration, we acclimated to our new environment, and adapted to the experience of living abroad.

Exploring the world...

But exploring is not just about traveling to a new destination, it can be roaming and wandering the streets of your own town, or checking out a new city park. It can be discovering a new food item, or taking in a new play at the local community theater.  In this sense, I’ve always been a traveler. I can go back to a location over and over again and not have the same experience twice.

...and experiencing life!

I would love to travel full time and never have a permanent address. However, like many of us, I have a job that requires my physical presence and  I have a dog that can’t take long plane rides. In other words, I have the type of responsibilities that might prevent someone from endeavoring on the life of a nomad.  But I don’t let this discourage my wanderlust, in fact, it invigorates and challenges me to find inventive ways to explore. I’m always looking for quick weekend trips I can take. I’m looking for unique side trips I can take while on a business trip. I’m looking to explore, while still juggling the responsibilities of life.  I’m always looking for new ideas, so feel free to share your ideas with me as well!

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