About Me

Want to know more about me and my stories of Roaming and Wandering the world?

I love learning and experiencing new places. It helps me understand the world we live in, and how we can be more respectful of one another. Each trip, each action, each bite and each step is a story about how we got here, why we wanted to go there, and how we can contribute to the world.

Meet me...


A human dog lover, walking observer, and admirer of food and wine

Greetings! I’m Angie and this is me and my travels.  I’m an avid picture taker, word writer, food eater, and experience hunter.  I grew up in Southeast Asia traveling through Indonesia, The Philippines and Thailand in my teens.  When I began my professional career, I realized long weekend/weekend trips would be a way to balance time, effort, and money.  While I would love to travel more with abandon, eat more without guilt, and spend more thriftily, I’m still trying to figure that all out 🙂

Do you have any feedback for me and my stories? Drop me a line!

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