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In a city by the sea, that’s prone to humid and hot weather, you have to make a plan for those rainy days.  We all want to think that our vacations are going to be perfect weather-wise. That it’s constantly going to be a balmy 75 degrees and sunny.  But we know that’s not always the case.  I myself start watching the weather in my vacation destination about 10 days beforehand (because that’s as long as the forecast will usually predict ). And thank goodness it’s only 10 days, otherwise I would be anxiously awaiting the weather report for a few months prior!  

New Orleans is one of those places where you should definitely plan for a rainy day.  Especially if you are visiting during the summer months or during hurricane season.  However, it’s a good idea that we don’t always heed.  I feel like we should know better, as we’ve been to Nola many times over the past decade, but sometimes we let our gard down, to the detriment of our fun time.  

It’s easier to visit New Orleans during the summer.  The kids are out of school, and the flights and hotels are cheaper outside of the festival season of Feb-May.  Sure, the weather is oppressively hot! But the hot and humid weather is often sprinkled with quick rain showers that cool down the afternoons.  Therefore, don’t doubt that it will rain, and if it does, you should have a plan for rainy day activities.


Here are my top activities for a rainy day in New Orleans:

Bar Hopping

There’s nowhere I would rather be than inside, staying dry with a cool cocktail.  For this activity there are establishments aplenty in New Orleans!  Some of my favorites are the Golden Lantern in the French Quarter, a lively locals’ bar where people of all backgrounds are welcome (great Bloody Marys!).  Additionally, the bars on Frenchman Street are sure to have both music and drinks at all hours of the day.  If you are in the Garden District, I recently found the Delachaise to be a delightful wine bar worth spending a couple of hours in to avoid the rain.

Restaurant Hopping

Conversely, there’s nothing more that I’d rather be doing than stuffing my face with good Cajun and Creole cooking!  For this, there are so many restaurants to try.   You might even bear the line at Willa Mae’s for their fried chicken (although their line is outside, they do put up a tent for those waiting to avoid getting drenched).  If you haven’t hit that one food item, po boys, muffaletta, whateva…a rainy day is the perfect time to gorge your piehole.  We even booked a class at the New Orleans School of Cooking once, to pass a rainy day.

WWII Museum

Are you a history buff?  Then you’ll appreciate the WWII museum, located in New Orlean’s warehouse district.  It’s a tribute to history’s greatest generation.  It offers a detailed view of why the biggest war of the 20th century was fought, and how it was won. Bonus!  The museum offers discounts to all current and former military, regardless of what country you served.

Ride the Street Car

Have you ever ridden the street cars to the cemeteries?  A rainy day is the perfect time to take them for a spin!  They are open air, but covered, and run rain or shine. The Canal street line will take you to the cemeteries and along the waterfront, while the St Charles line will take you to the WWII museum and all the way to Tulane.  Its a good way to gawk at the mansions of the Garden District while staying dry.


I’m not a real big shopper. But if it comes to getting drenched, or giving into the church of consumerism, I’m bound to hit a store or two! Canal Place is a huge shopping complex, and a great way to pass an hour or two if need be.  Or if you’re a bargain shopper, there’s also the Riverside Outlet Mall closer to the river.  Both are good bets to beat a rainy day. has some great suggestions for a rainy day!  They even break it down by neighborhood.

Did my post help you at all? What are some of your favorite ways to beat a rainy day?

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