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Despite being in love with the Vancouver restaurant bar scene, I have become impressed with the Seattle cocktails scene as a quick weekend reprice from the Van City life. It’s such an easy trip for us, only 3-3.5 hour drive from Vancouver (depending on delays at the border).  We often pick Seattle for a weekend if we need to get away.  Despite frequent trips, we are always finding new places on the Seattle bar scene. Each place seems to one up the competition, much to the delight of the local population.  Here’s a few picks from our latest trip.


Only about a 3-3.5 hour drive from Vancouver (depending upon the infamous Seattle  traffic….ugh),  Seattle is the perfect getaway for a weekend trip in the PNW. Any weekend trip to Seattle with my husband involves Capitol Hill.  You never know what new restaurant, or bar you might stumble upon, resulting in a night of imbibing on tasty cocktails in warm dark inviting atmospheres.


A night out in Capitol Hill is prime people watching. Like calling up an ex, or meeting a Tinder date for the first time, you never know how the night will go!  I myself am happily married, so I choose my cocktail locations in advance, in order to precisely plan how the night will go. wink


Deep Dive


Just below the Amazon Spheres is a sleek, fancy cocktail bar with the ability to wow.  Deep Dive is just as impressive as the building it’s housed in.  Descending into the cocktail bar, you’ll be seated at one of the cozy booths surrounding the bar, or at the bar itself.  The bar is the focal point at this Amazon hangout, and it is apparent as the couches face towards the bar, as an audience to the delectable inventive cocktails the bartender serves up.



Depending upon your tolerance, Rumba is either a place to start or a place to finish, but do not miss this place.  Touting about a million types of Rum (ok, I’m embellishing here obviously, but they once told me how many rums they had and I quickly forgot due to all the rum drinking I did)  you can order any one of their fanciful Tiki drinks, or simply do a taster is straight rum is more your jam.  Either way, I’ve never been able to leave this place with less than two drinks. And its funny, because based on the alcohol content that is probably the max amount of drinks I have ever left this place with as well!

Knee High Stocking

I love love love this place! Not only is the door unapologetically discriminatory against tall people (short people power!) but it’s classy and they serve some of the best Filipino food in the area.  Housed in an older heritage building, Knee High Stocking is easy to miss.  It simply looks like someone’s house or dorm.  Once the hostess meets you at the door, you are encompassed by the warm smell of burnt cinnamon, because that’s actually what they do to one of their drinks.  Make reservations because they get quick busy on date nights.


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